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Herbal Medicine

We are fully qualified Medical Herbalists who practice Herbal Medicine. Our training is based on traditional and contemporary herbal medicine, as well as a thorough education in conventional medicine specifically in the relation to signs and symptoms, assessment and differential diagnosis of health conditions. A herbalist must also have complementing skills in phyto-chemistry, plant materials identification, posology, diet, and nutrition.

All Medical Herbalists work to the mandatory Code of Conduct scheme of Dudler Herbal.

We offer different types of consultations depending on the needs and ability of our patients. However, for complex conditions we advisable a full consultations at the first visit to discuss enough detail to address the underlying causes, rather than treating the visible symptoms only.

The ability of the patient to cope with a treatment regime is thoroughly considered. Frail or individuals with long term illnesses will usually be treated over a longer period of time to allow the body to become stronger and adapt to change without an adverse reaction.

The type of herb selection and potency is individually chosen by each qualified Herbalist, possessing patient management skills developed through formal clinic training and experience.

Herbal Medicine is dispensed to patients from an ‘in house’ dispensary and could include any or a combination of the following: Herbal tincture, capsule, ointment/cream, herbal tea, pessary, suppository, syrup.

We may be able to improve conditions like: Low emotional health, endocrine imbalances, male and female health issues, unspecific reoccurring immune weaknesses, digestive issues, sleep disturbance but also improving sport performance by reducing recovery period and increasing stress tolerance and performance among others. Due to past academic research we will also take chronic fatigue and long term eczema sufferers as our patients.

Patients may require and be provided with a physical examination which allows an in-depth assessment of bodily systems, namely: respiratory, cardio-vascular, abdomen, and musculo-skeletal functions.