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Practice Leeds

Empowering the Community by integrating Herbal Medicine

Herb walks
Experiencing nature is an essential part for human well-being. Well-being however doesn’t seem to be something stressed employees, mothers or students are thinking about that often. Being too occupied to think about well-being is certainly a disease in itself. Calming the mind means empowering. There are many ways to calm the mind and often includes soft synthesizer background music best in isolation in a dark or very colorful room. Suffice to say that I prefer walks in nature instead of excluding it.

I frequently organize herb walks for the community helping people to reconnect and experiencing nature. Being out and about is the main aim, however, this is not a walking club of which there are quite a few in Leeds already. The focus is rather on having time to look at the wonders nature produces seemingly without effort. There are stories for many herbs waiting to be told. Some participants are keen to receive practical knowhow regarding gathering and preparing tea, jam or detox juices.

A different approach
A complementary medicine approach is hardly complementary if it is imitating main stream medicine. A perfect example is the hype for herbal supplement. I sometimes cannot help thinking that herbal supplements are not really an appropriate solution to conditions. While supplements may be a key treatment tool at the beginning, a true naturopathic approach does not aim to overload the patient with supplements but rather reduce or completely eliminate them in time by empowering the person.
With this principles in mind, I am practicing naturopathy and herbal medicine in Leeds. Looking at the lifestyle as well as the mental and emotional well-being of each individual is a central aspect of a consultation. Consultations in Leeds are home visits only @ £28.- per visit. I only take patients by recommendation.
Very often but not always would patients receive some form of herbal remedy. This may be a tea, capsules, oil or a tincture. In chronic or functional conditions, several visits may be required for a sustainable improvement.

For all those who would like to engage further in a natural approach I offer frequent Herbal Medicine seminars covering a variety of subjects like: Migraines, hormonal imbalances with related male and female conditions, cough and respiratory infections, stress and fatigue. The seminar content and delivery approach is aimed at the local community and suitable for people with an interest in Herbal Medicine but also for those with basic or intermediate knowledge. The seminars, depending on the subject, are hands-on. Prepare for lots of tasting, cutting, brewing, boiling and other kinds of herbal craftsmanship. Participants should be able to deal with basic conditions on their own. Seminar locations are in Headingley, Meanwood or Chapeltown area. Participants should after the seminar be able to deal with basic conditions on their own.