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Herbal Medicine Consultation

All consultations will be made by British University qualified Medical Herbalists.

Initial (full) consultation

An initial full consultation will take one hour. A full consultation is required if there are functional conditions or long lasting issues to address. A full medical history has to be taken which involves at least: key conditions of concern, Lifestyle, medical history, hobbies, habits and diet. Physical examination may also occur, depending on the conditions discussed. After this a complete complementary health assessment will be made including a suggestion for herbal medicine and/or supplements to assist health improvement. The first full consultation is charged at £48.-.

Herbal prescription/cost

You may be prescribed one or a combination of: herbal capsules, herbal tinctures, herbal teas, ointments (and given advice on food supplements, diet, exercise and Lifestyle). On average a weekly cost of £10 should be anticipated.

Follow-up consultations (30 minutes)

Therapeutic changes will be monitored at follow-up consultations, lasting about 30 minutes, initially on a weekly/fortnightly basis and then less frequently due to anticipated improvements. Blood pressure, pulse and tongue analysis will occur at each consultation. Follow up consultations are charged at £24.-.

Mini consultations (15 minutes)

Mini consultations lasting about 15 minutes or less are available to patients with acute complaints. The patient is generally in good health apart from an uncomplicated condition. We offer the Mini consultation for £15 which may include a remedy from the retail range or a tincture at no additional cost.

Treatment duration

Conditions may resolve after a few consultations. Patients with serious and long term conditions usually benefit from a slow and steady approach to improving their health. Sometimes repeat prescriptions may be issued and follow-up appointments delayed if patients are showing stability. Our target is to make patients self- sufficient and healthy through good nutrition and lifestyle changes, but use herbal medicine at the start of that journey.