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We have a selected range of herbal products and supplements in our clinic including often used Vitamins and Minerals from Lamberts and Himalaya as well as ower own range of products. The range is completed, from a Naturopathic perspective, by some well-being and hygienic products we often hand out to customers. All Natural Soaps, Aromatic Waters and nutritional supplements originating from the Middle East and well established in Ayurveda are available. Some of these products are available in our online Shop. Find out more about our products on our online shop.

Our Food Supplements

We offer a range of Food Supplements which have been manufactured in-house to the highest quality level. The herbs for our production are selected from organic farmers or sustainable wild harvesting from remote locations avoiding environmental impact to the herbs from pesticides and artificial fertilisers. We use if possible sources from the United Kingdom as we are conscious of the carbon footprint.