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Turmeric Boswellia Supplement


Many people with complex conditions benefit from a lifestyle change. However, changing food and beverage habits can be challenging. Also, what about those who already follow healthy food principles but still struggle to cope with daily life and health? Our Turmeric Boswellia Supplement aims at the core of these issues.
Turmeric is often used in cases of Hyperlipidemia and Osteoarthritis but also for general joint pain, skin conditions, functional stomach pain and IBS. Its constituent curcumin is considered a powerful anti-inflammatory.
Frankincense is also in cases with Osteoarthritis and perfectly complements Turmeric in this mix. Boswellia may also be used for Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The main constituent is boswellic acid which reduces pain and inflammation.
Trikatu is a combination of warming and carminative herbs. Turmeric is rather insufficiently taken up in the gut. Trikatu massively improves the absorption and is usually in every Turmeric supplement.

Supplement Facts

Our Turmeric Boswellia Supplement contains 75 capsules each with typically:

  • Curcuma longa (250mg)
  • Boswellia serata (85mg)
  • Piper nigrum (25mg)
  • Pimpinella anisum (25mg)
  • Zingiber officinale (25mg)
  • The capsule is made of HPMC and is suitable for Vegans

Our supplements are produced without any “flow agents” and “anti-caking” agents. We manufacture in a slow, gentle process which exposes very little or none electric smog to the herbs. All products are tested in a combined automatic and manual quality verification and are batch controlled with full traceability.
We only use herbs of pharmaceutical grade quality. We haven’t identified a need for a organic certification for our products. If we do so we will register with the Soil Association which allows us to claim “organic” origin on the label. However, our herbs are mainly sourced from organic farmers or are wild harvested from remote places. We consider sustainable wild harvesting as prime herb quality which organic farming cannot compete with.

A word on Curcuminoids

We don’t support the extraction and advertisement of pure Curcuminoids extracts. Extracting a single compound is a very modern way of creating remedies. Powerful they may be, but usually with many side effects compared to the whole plant. There is no tradition and no empiric expertise with curcumin extracts to support the use of this single compound. To take this a bit further, the effect of Turmeric is by no means only based on Curcuminoids. Essential oils, specifically the sesquiterpenes certainly have a major contribution to the effect of Turmeric, but also the immunologically active polysaccharides. These components are missing in Cucuminoid extracts altogether.

Order and Delivery

You can order this product on our online shop. If it may be out of stock please contact the clinic via email or phone.